Maniturgium with Letters

100% Pure Irish linen, 100% Cotton embroidery thread. Translation of the Latin embroidered words: “Thou art a Priest Forever”.

*If you would like us to embroider a monogram, full name, or date of ordination please send us a message.

***The meaning of the maniturgium: During the ordination to the priesthood the priest’s hands are anointed with holy Chrism. To prevent the sacred Chrism from dripping, his hands are wrapped in a white linen cloth, the maniturgium. After the ceremony, the newly ordained priest presents the maniturgium to his mother, where she keeps it in a special spot. Upon the mothers death, the maniturgium is wrapped around her hands and she is buried with it. She then spiritually presents it to Our Lord as “proof” that she sacrificed her son to God almighty.

Dimensions: 33″ long x 4″ wide